Spreading Like Wildfire---Information for Our Vacation Rental Customers

Spreading Like Wildfire---Information for Our Vacation Rental Customers

Posted September 7th, 2011 by knelson

Sadly, as has been reported world-wide, Austin and the surrounding areas have been affected by wildfires which sprang up this weekend due to extreme drought conditions with high winds. The affected towns/areas involved are Bastrop, Dripping Springs, Steiner Ranch, Spicewood, Leander and Cedar Creek.

We've had a few calls this morning from customers wondering if we're affected, and the answer is a resounding NO. We consider ourselves to be blessed, particularly while so many other Austin and nearby residents have had to be evacuated or have lost their homes entirely.

Fortunately, here in Lakeway, the only problem we've had is with smoke drifting in with the wind. While Bastrop is all the way on the other side of Austin from Lakeway, Steiner Ranch and Spicewood are relatively near to the vacation rental properties that we manage in Lakeway, including Texas Time Share. But, as we all know, Texas is a large place and "relative," is, well....relative.

Being located in the Texas Hill Country has its advantages, and the terrain we enjoy here---hills and canyons, with more trees than grass---is helping to keep any fires from spreading as far and as wide as the Bastrop fire, which is located on the other side of the Balcones fault line, southeast of Austin, and where the terrain is mostly flat grasslands and is, unfortunately, more prone to wildfire spread. Of course, trees burn at a slower rate, and this helps the firefighters gain control of a fire more quickly than with grass, and hopefully helps to explain why the Spicewood and Steiner Ranch fires are mostly contained.

Feel free to give us a call at 512-263-5200 or 1-800-252-3473 if you need more information or have questions. We value our customers and want to do our best to help you have a fantastic vacation here in Lakeway! For those with upcoming vacations, we will, of course, contact you directly if the situation changes.

Here are some helpful media resources that we locals are using to gain information:

Austin American-Statesman They are posting regular updates about the fires, on a minute to minute basis, at their blog The Blotter

KVUE and they have an allergy report, and are reporting on how the smoke is affecting air quality in the Austin area.



Donations to help those affected should be directed to American Red Cross of Central Texas.